Root Canal: 4 Signs You Need One Right Now

Have a tooth that’s been giving you trouble for some time now and yet you still can’t bear to have it taken out? If your tooth regularly aches and makes eating a painful experience, you might want to start looking into possible dental treatments.
Of the most common of these is root canal therapy. Don’t know if you’re eligible for it? Here are a few signs to see if this is the right treatment for you:

1. Toothache. This isn’t just any type of toothache, but the persistent kind that that hits you every time you chew or take a hard bite that requires pressure on the tooth. Also, if you experience too much sensitivity when you’re eating ice cream or working your way through hot soup, then you might need root canal therapy to correct that.

2. Discoloration. If you notice one tooth that begins to darken, this could be the sign of a serious problem. Setting up a schedule to get that fixed is better done sooner than later. That way, you won’t have to reach a point when the pain becomes unbearable. Before you find yourself in this predicament, do yourself a favor and make arrangements for treatment as soon as possible.

3. Swelling gums. If the pain is getting worse, and you feel swelling and tenderness in your gums near the affected tooth, those are sure indications that you’ll need treatment right away. If you’ve got special medical conditions, the dentist might decide to wait until there’s no possibility that complications happen during the treatment. Make sure you tell the doctor about any medical complications you know about.

4. Pimples. Not on your face though but on your gums. The small pustules that may appear indicate there’s severe irritation in the mouth, and are hard to ignore. This symptom especially needs to be addressed immediately. These are all signs that you need to find a Farmington Hills dentist who can perform root canal treatment as soon as possible.

While living with these symptoms are possible, it’s better to always seek out a reliable medical opinion and treatment at the first sign of trouble. By consulting a dentist early on, you can keep the worst developments and complications from happening. You’ll also get the proper treatment instead of having to deal and manage the pain with meds and homemade remedies of salt and hot water. If you think you might require this treatment, don’t put it off. Consult a dentist for the necessary arrangements right away.


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