Root Canal Therapy: Essential Things to Know

Getting root canal therapy can be a scary thought. Here’s what you need to know to help you decide whether to go through with the procedure or not.

What does it do?

This procedure aims to remove nerves from the pulp of a tooth, Medical News Today explains. The process can be painful, though, but well worth the effort since once it’s been carried out, it’s effective in providing pain relief. Also referred to as endodontic therapy, the procedure can be your best bet in saving a damaged or infected tooth.

Do I need it?

If the pulp of your tooth has been injured or diseased, then it will decay and die. If there’s a cavity in your tooth, then bacteria will get in and destroy the pulp. If the bacteria pass through the opening in the roots, though, this could lead to an infection in the bone. If you have a badly damaged tooth and you want to save it instead of doing an extraction, then look for a dentist to perform the root canal therapying Canon City.

What are the possible complications?

An infection may happen if only three root canals are treated, leaving one behind. Also, if the root canal isn’t properly sealed then bacteria may get in, and the infection will return. During the procedure, if the tooth cracks, this may compromise the results of the treatment. Given these possible complications, it’s important that you hire the right dentist for root canal therapying Canon City.

Where to find help?

Look for an experienced dentist, someone with knowledge and expertise in performing the procedure. A good reputation counts too. For better results, consider your comfort levels. Find a dentist who’s easy to talk to so you won’t have any problems asking for much-needed tips, advice, and treatment.


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