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by | Dec 30, 2013 | Dental care

Confidence comes from within; how other people see us is a reflection of how we see ourselves. When someone feels self-conscious because of their stained and yellowed teeth, it casts a shadow over their lives. It can hinder them in their careers, because they don’t feel they can put themselves forward and present their great new idea. It can cost them in their personal lives by not daring to ask for that date or by being content to watch and not participate. Teeth whitening may seem like vanity to those who don’t need it, but ask those who’ve had it done by a Dentist in Absecon.

Many of us have used a teeth whitening toothpaste at some point, but didn’t see much change in our teeth. A whitening toothpaste is only capable of whitening teeth by about one shade. Cosmetic dentistry procedures, on the other hand, can lighten teeth as much as eight shades. That is a significant difference. That’s enough to turn ‘shy’ to ‘OH MY!’. Dramatic results can be seen after only one session, although several sessions are usually required.

Crooked teeth also concern many. They weren’t able to get their teeth straightened when they were young, perhaps, and have always wished their teeth were straight. Steel and wire braces are not the only option any longer. Invisalign braces are clear, almost invisible. There are no food restrictions for people, unlike all the food restrictions endured by those with steel and wire braces. They are also comfortable. Anyone who once had to put up with the old-fashioned steel and wires can remember all the times they caused mouth sores and discomfort.

When looking for a Teeth Whitening Dentist, it’s important to find a team with a record of success. Egg Harbor Family Dental offers full service dental care to the communities of Absecon, Pomona, Pleasantville, Cologne and Egg Harbor. In an emergency, no appointment is necessary. Just go to the office and be seen by a Dentist in Absecon. Most insurance plans are accepted and the practice offers financing options. Anyone who’s ready to discover the smile that’s been hiding, should go talk to a dentist at Egg Harbor Family Dental.

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