Services Available Through General Dentistry in West Fargo, ND

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In North Dakota, general dentists perform a variety of services to protect their patients’ teeth and gums. The services include cleanings, examinations, and reconstruction. Select general dentists perform cosmetic services to improve the aesthetics of patients’ smiles. Local dental professionals explain what services are available through General Dentistry in West Fargo ND.

General Cleanings and Examinations

Dental professionals perform two cleanings each year for their patients. The services eliminate bacteria, plaque, and tartar from the teeth and gums. An annual examination is also performed to identify underlying conditions that threaten the teeth and gums.

Fillings and Dental Bonding

Fillings are performed for all cavities after decay is removed from the affected tooth. Dental bonding is a more strategic form of reconstruction that is completed when a tooth is severely damaged. The service is also available for children to strengthen the molars and prevent them from becoming damaged as the adult teeth form.

Correcting Discoloration and Brightening the Teeth

Discoloration is managed through teeth whitening treatments initially. The dentist applies a peroxide solution onto each tooth. A barrier is placed around the gums to prevent contact with the solution that could cause irritation. An ultraviolet lamp is used to cure the peroxide solution and maximize whitening effects. Patients undergo several treatments before achieving the maximum results. In severe cases, the dentist applies veneers to correct discoloration.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implant surgery is a viable choice for replacing missing teeth. The implant root is installed through the tooth socket and into the jawbone. Implant crowns are added to the root and connected securely. Dental professionals replace one or several teeth with the implantation surgery. Individual teeth require only one titanium root. However, when several teeth are replaced at once, a plate is used with up to four roots.

In North Dakota, general dentists provide services to prevent permanent tooth loss and gum disease. All services address common concerns and improve the way the smile looks. Cosmetic options are available through general dentists and eliminate stubborn stains. Patients who want to learn more about general dentistry in West Fargo ND can contact a local dental professional or Visit Us for more details right now.

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