Signs That You May Need to Schedule a Denture Repair in Chicago

by | Oct 9, 2023 | Dentist

Dentures can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. However, even the most careful denture wearer may experience chipping, cracking, or other damage that requires repair. If you’re currently wearing dentures and have recently noticed any of the following signs, it may be time to consider scheduling a denture repair in Chicago.

Loose Fitting Dentures

Your dentures should fit snugly yet comfortably when in place. If they’re suddenly slipping and sliding around, a denture repair is the best solution to get them back into their proper position. Occasionally, it may be necessary to replace the existing dentures if they are beyond repair.

Yellowing or Discoloration

Modern dentures are made from materials that resist staining and discoloration. However, the denture wearer can still experience yellowing if they’re not properly cared for. If you’ve noticed your dentures becoming dull or discolored recently, it could be a sign of wear and tear.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

If you can see cracks, chips, or other visible damage to your teeth, this is a clear indication that a denture repair is necessary. Professional repairs are the best way to restore both the aesthetics and function of your dentures.

Pain or Discomfort

While dentures can cause some amount of discomfort in the beginning, this should subside with time and proper fitting. If you’re now experiencing increased pain when wearing your dentures, it could mean that they’ve shifted out of alignment and require repair.

Overall, it’s important to pay attention to your dentures and any changes that occur. If anything seems amiss, be sure to contact Art of Modern Dentistry. Visit for more information!

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