Speak to a Dentist about Maxillofacial Surgery in Effingham, IL

Do you want to realign your jaw so you feel less pain when chewing? Maybe you want to lessen headache pain. Some patients may opt for surgery to relieve joint pain or even sleep better.

Talk to a Dental Specialist

If you need to realign your jaw, the first place you want to start is scheduling a dental appointment. Learn more about maxillofacial surgery in Effingham, IL during the consultation. When you take this step, you will find that any jaw alignment concerns can be arrested. Talking to a specialist in the field will help you decide on the procedure.

How the Surgery Can Change Your Life

Maxillofacial surgery enables dental patients to experience a number of benefits that allow them to improve their lifestyles and feel better at the same time. The surgery entails repositioning the jawbones. The surgeon uses wires, screws, and surgical plates to hold the jaws in place. An incision is usually made inside the mouth so any visible scarring is reduced. Some patients, however, may require small incisions on the outside of the face.

When maxillofacial surgery is facilitated, a number of issues can be corrected. Again, problems with chewing, headaches, and speech are reduced as well as well as strain on the joints in the jaw. For anyone who is suffering in this way, this type of procedure is well received.

Go Online First Before Scheduling an Appointment

If you would like to know more about this type of procedure, you need to contact a dentist who handles this type of dental care. To learn more about the surgery, contact a dental professional such as Jay I. Swanson, D.D.S., M.D.. Take time now to review your options online before arranging an appointment for a consultation. Jaw surgery can help relieve the pressure that is caused by a dental misalignment. See how you can benefit today.


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