The Benefits Of A TMJ Mouth Guard

The jaw joint is known as the “temperomandibular joint” which for ease of use is always shortened to TMJ. When there is a disorder in this joint the result is considerable pain the in the joint as well as the surrounding muscles. As is true with any joint pain, the severity varies. Some of the most common symptoms of TMJ problems include severe headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain.

There are various remedies for TMJ, massage, physical therapy, posture changes, diet changes and oral appliances. Often a TMJ mouthguard in Naperville is used to treat the symptoms of this uncomfortable and painful condition.

What is a TMJ mouth guard?

A TMJ mouthguard fits over the teeth, the objective is to reduce wear on teeth, reduce muscle pain and joint instability. The mouthguard can also help to align the jaw. One of the benefits is that is discourages the behavior that many patients don’t realize they exhibit; things such a teeth clenching, nail biting and grinding their teeth. A TMJ mouthguard in Naperville can be worn during the day as well as all night.

Night guards:

Many dentists suggest that their patients that exhibit symptoms’ of TMJ wear a night guard. It is not unusual for the person to constantly grind their teeth while sleeping; this results in excessive tooth wear. Night guards are custom made, they are made from a reasonably soft material; they are not overly thick and reasonably comfortable to wear. These appliances are also available from a conventional drug store but as they are designed as a “one size fits all” product they rarely fit properly, they are difficult to retain and they are quite thick and uncomfortable to wear.

Having your dentist fit a TMJ mouthguard in Naperville can relieve the symptoms’ of the disorder, many patients who wear them have commented that they feel very little pain or discomfort.

If you experience excruciating pain in your jaws you may wish to discuss a TMJ mouth guard in Naperville with your dentist. Feel comfortable in discussing this problem with the dentist at the Center for Cosmetic, Implant Orthodontic & General Dentistry. Visit us at website for more details.


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