The Best Family Dentistry in Katy, TX

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Dentist

Have you ever thought it was Thursday when it was actually Friday? Have you ever forgotten to call a friend back when something unexpected interrupted your call? When you are balancing work, family, and friends, it is only natural to forget things here and there. It can be difficult to keep your family’s appointments in order. Where does your child need to go to the dentist? Is it the office close to the supermarket, or is that your wife’s dentist’s office? Family dentistry in Katy, TX like FM Dentistry & Orthodontics can treat the whole family. Instead of remembering who goes to which dentist’s office, you will be comforted knowing that the entire family visits one place for all their oral hygiene needs.


Emergencies are inevitable. A tooth can be knocked out while playing sports or an abscess can form quickly when a cavity goes untreated. The best family dentistry in Katy, TX will offer emergency services. You can call the dentist’s office at any point of the day and someone will be there to answer. It is also much cheaper to go to your dentist’s office for a dental emergency than to a hospital.


Dentists suggest that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year. They often will schedule your appointment five to six months ahead to ensure your teeth cleanings are evenly spaced in the calendar year. It is inconvenient to leave work to attend a dentist’s appointment, and it is more frustrating when you have to leave work twice a week: once for you and once for your child. The best family dentist’s offices will offer side-by-side appointments to make it convenient for the whole family.

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