The Dentists in Spring Can Stop the Progression of Gum Disease

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Dentistry

While cavities are a big threat to a person’s smile, gum disease is even more progressively damaging. When gum disease is in its most severe form, periodontal disease, it can wreak havoc on the health of the gums and can cause massive tooth loosening and loss. Thankfully, the Dentists Spring has treatment options that can stop the progression and assist a person in overcoming the disease so their smile can stay healthy and strong.

When the dentist examines a patient with the periodontal disease, the gums are carefully checked, along with the teeth. Unfortunately, gum disease can spread rapidly and cause infections to occur in the teeth. It can also cause problems with the health of the heart. The treatment for this disease is crucial for saving the patient’s teeth.

The dentist will first drain the pus forming around the teeth. This step is important because it releases the pressure on the teeth. It also helps to tighten the pockets that have developed around the teeth, so they are not causing massive loosening.

The next step in the treatment of periodontal disease is for the Dentists Spring to use strong antibiotics to bring the infection under control. It is crucial the infection is treated promptly. Antibiotics may be given orally and placed inside the gum tissue. These strong antibiotics typically go to work quickly so they can stop the progression of the infection within a matter of hours. Though it takes the time to completely clear the infection, this stops the immediate threats.

In some cases, the dentist must also perform surgery on the patient to bring the gum swelling under control. Laser therapy helps to diminish the swelling that often occurs in the gums, so the tissues are brought back to their normal state. The laser may also be used to shrink the gum tissue around the teeth, so they are no longer being loosened. Visit website for more details about the professional dentists in Spring.

Those who are suffering from the signs of gum disease need to be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. To schedule your consultation appointment, contact Gentle Dental Care. They provide extensive dental services to help patients keep healthy, beautiful smiles for life.

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