The Fundamentals of Invisalign Orthodontic Aligners Made Simple

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Dental

Invisalign is the United States’ leading brand of non-traditional orthodontic adjustment tools as well as the most popular plastic orthodontic aligner on the market. People who want to correct teeth misalignments or cosmetic issues can use Invisalign clear plastic aligners to get their teeth and jaws in the right place. Although these aligners are not capable of quite everything that metal braces can do, they bring many upsides to the table that traditional long-term orthodontic alignment systems, otherwise known as braces, do not.

Braces Get in the Way of Cleaning Your Teeth

Strong metal wires slowly pull patients’ teeth together between tune-ups performed by orthodontists, who mount them on metal brackets that are firmly secured to the surface of teeth with specialized adhesive throughout the lifetime of patients’ braces. Although you may be able to clean some of the gunk that is wedged between two teeth, tooth and gum, and the gums themselves, there will always be a “blind spot” where floss just won’t reach.

Invisalign-Using Patients Often Need Less Time

To be fair, most patients who either opt for braces or have no other choice but to wear their modern, clear-plastic counterparts typically have worse tooth and jaw alignment and placement problems than people who are prime candidates for Invisalign clear plastic aligners. However, Invisalign Chicago users often end up at their desired end result in terms of tooth and jaw placement more quickly than patients who use traditional braces.

There Are Many Ways to Cover the Cost of Invisalign

Insurance plans and tax breaks for healthcare costs often partially or fully cover the cost of patients’ Invisalign treatments. Try these methods of payment out to save you money.

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