The Many Options Available for Teeth Whitening

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Dentistry

Everyone these days is concerned about the appearance of their smile. Your teeth are one of the obvious things people notice about you when you first meet them. People who are unhappy with the appearance of their smile end up smiling less and even appearing unfriendly to others. If you have pronounced staining and yellowing in your teeth, you can feel self-conscious. In the past, there was little that could be done for these conditions, but now there are more Teeth Whitening options than ever before.

What are the Options for Teeth Whitening?

*     At-home kits are becoming increasingly popular because they are inexpensive and convenient. These kits promise to remove all types of stains and even the deepest staining in your teeth. What these products do not warn you about, is they contain an ingredient called Silica. This ingredient is much like sand. It is used to scrub the stains away, but can also cause damage to the surface of your enamel, leaving your teeth sensitive. Along with causing problems with your tooth enamel, these kits rarely perform the promises they give.

*     Teeth Whitening from the dentist is much different than the at-home whitening options. These treatments do not contain damaging Silica and do not cause damage to your teeth. While being gentle, they are much more powerful than the kits you purchase from retail stores. They can remove the deepest of stains from your teeth and are able to penetrate the dentin, which is where the majority of your stains lie.

*     Bleaching is another treatment your dentist can offer you. When you have severe staining or simply want your teeth to be as white as possible, bleaching is often the best option. Bleaching can dramatically whiten your teeth, making them even whiter than your own natural shade of white. This is the treatment many celebrities have done, to give them that Hollywood white smile.

If you are ashamed of your teeth and wish they were whiter, contact the dental office of James S. Hargas today. This dental office can offer you all of the dental and cosmetic procedures you need, to make your smile beautiful and healthy.





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