Tips for Seeing Kids Dentist Near Park Ridge

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Dentistry

A child’s first visit to the dentist is recommended before the child turns a year old. Some dental professionals recommend you visit during pregnancy. During this visit to the kid’s dentist near Park Ridge, they will give you appropriate advice about oral care regarding your child, in addition to assessing the risk of your baby developing cavities. Other issues include parafunction, occlusal alterations, and imbalances, all of which are very important oral health problems.

From the first tooth (six months), parents and dentists must address the oral health of children in the same way that adults approach things. Doctors recommend using a moistened silicone thimble or gauze to massage the gums. Once the child has eight incisors in their mouth, you can start using a small toothbrush with water only. Some dentists will inform you on whether to use fluoride-free toothpaste or not.

Brushing in small children can only be effective if done by an adult. However, it is recommended that you let the child play with the brush, as this lets him or her become familiar with it. If you are still feeding your child milk at nighttime, you must wash or clean their mouth out after each feeding. Your dentist will explain what effects breastfeeding, breast milk, bottle feeding, and formula have on the teeth.

If everything goes well during the first couple of visits, the third visit should be around two and a half years old. Your child should have eight incisors, four canines, and eight molars at this point. Your dentist should not only look at the teeth, but also observe the breathing, chewing, alternating or unilateral bites, and the teeth (shape, absences, caries, hypoplasia). At this age, a child can have severe growing issues that can impact everything from the teeth to the spine. That is why the kids’ dentist near Park Ridge is thorough in checking your son or daughter.

It is very important to maintain healthy teeth in children. This is so they can chew properly and ensure their jaws develop correctly. In addition to these two things, establishing a healthy basis for self-esteem is very important at this age. It is suggested that these visits be conducted by qualified pediatric dentists or orthodontists. Good oral hygiene, proper chewing function, and a healthy diet are the best ways to a healthy smile.

At Beyond Smiles of Park Ridge, they believe that a lifetime of bright smiles begins with excellent dental care in childhood! While they’re growing, playing, and learning, kids have unique dental care needs that need to be met for the greatest chance of life-long oral health. As a premier kids’ dentist near Park Ridge, they see children of all ages with a wide range of dental needs. For an appointment, visit their website or contact them today.

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