Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Endodontist In Chicago

Facing endodontic treatment, or a root canal as they are commonly called, can be incredibly frightening for many people. After all, the procedure has become synonymous for a painful process one must endure. The reality is that root canals aren’t any more painful than any other type of dental surgery, and are intended to help relieve pain in the patient instead of cause it. Learning more about the procedure can help dispel mistaken beliefs, and help patients better prepare for surgery. Here are the top 3 questions to ask your endodontist in Chicago.

What Happens During The Procedure?

The old saying that knowledge is power is very true. Knowing what to expect from a potentially scary event can help you feel less worried and anxious about the event itself. When it comes to dental surgery, it is perfectly normal to be afraid. Knowing what you can expect can help reduce or remove those fears.

Are There Alternate Courses Of Treatment?

While a root canal may be your endodontist’s best recommendation, it might not be his or her only one. Asking about alternate options for treatment may open up a dialogue with your endodontist. The final result may be an alternate treatment plan that works for you, or a frank discussion about your reasons for being reluctant to have a root canal done.

What Will Happen Without The Procedure?

If you are still feeling more anxiety about the procedure than the reason it is necessary, this question can help ease those fears. The aim isn’t to have your dentist scare you into agreeing to the procedure, but to gather the most information possible about it. Understanding what will likely happen without the procedure can help you decide if the risks of going through with a root canal are worth it to you.

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