Undergoing Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Improve the Look of Your Smile

As you go through life, you engage in habits that are not beneficial for your teeth. Lifestyle choices like smoking or dietary habits like drinking soda and tea can make your teeth look darker and more aged. They no longer have a white and healthy appearance to them.

Rather than live with teeth that are damaged, you can make the decision to undergo cosmetic care to improve their appearance. By seeking treatment from a Lakeview Chicago, IL, dentist, you can undergo a variety of treatments that will lift stains and improve the overall look of your teeth.

Professional Bleaching

You can buy bleaching kits and whitening strips for your teeth over the counter at your local big-box store or pharmacy. However, they cannot give you the same results that you can get when you go to a Lakeview Chicago, IL, dentist for your cosmetic treatments.

The dentist uses commercial-grade strength paste, gel, and bleach to lift the stains that are caused by smoking, chewing tobacco, or drinking tea or soda. After one or two treatments, your smile could be back to its original white appearance.

The results that you get a dentist’s office can last longer as well. You may only have to undergo these treatments once a year to maintain them.

Crowns and Implants

A dentist can also repair broken and chipped teeth and fill the spaces left by missing teeth. You can be fitted for crowns that are made from porcelain or clay. They look and feel like your real teeth enamel.

You also can get implants to replace any of your missing teeth. They are as durable as real teeth and let you eat, talk, and smile normally.

You can find out more about cosmetic dental treatments online. Contact Art of Modern Dentistry for more information.


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