Understanding Several Common Pediatric Dental Treatments in Billings, MT

Pediatric dentists focus exclusively on treating children, which makes them uniquely qualified to address the dental concerns that come up during kids’ formative years. Read on to find out about a few common Pediatric Dental Treatments in Billings MT that these specializing dentists offer.

X-Rays and Exams

Most of the time, children need more frequent X-rays than adults since their mouths are growing and changing so rapidly. These diagnostic images can help to detect demineralization and other weaknesses early, helping to reduce the risks for tooth decay. Most dentists recommend that kids who are at high risk of decay have X-rays and exams performed twice a year.

Dental Cleanings

Many children experience anxiety over going to the dentist for basic cleanings, but pediatric dentists know how to help them overcome these anxieties, setting them up for a future of good oral health. Children should receive dental cleanings each time they go in for an X-ray, though it’s important for parents to recognize that some children require more frequent visits to the dentist and to respect their dentists’ recommendations regarding cleaning schedules. It’s also important for parents to get as much information from their children’s dentists as they can regarding adequate home care.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride helps to promote remineralization of weakened enamel, which can help to prevent the formation of cavities. There is a careful balance between too much and too little fluoride, though, as an excess of it can lead to fluorosis while a deficit can leave children’s teeth susceptible to cavities and decay. Ask the child’s dentist about how to maintain healthy fluoride levels to prevent cavities.

Treating Decay

Early treatment is essential when it comes to fillings and other types of Pediatric Dental Treatments in Billings MT aimed at addressing tooth decay. If the cavity is identified early, a dentist can usually repair it using a simple tooth-colored filling. If it’s too deep, though, the child may have to undergo a pulpotomy nerve treatment or even an extraction.

The Take-Away

Many dentists take both children and adult patients, but it’s important to ask about what kinds of pediatric treatments these general dentists offer prior to choosing who to entrust with providing for a child’s oral health. Readers can visit Website to learn about one local office that takes pediatric dental health very seriously to find their children the dental help they need.

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