Visiting an Implant Dentist in Boulder CO

Dental implants need routine care, such as brushing the teeth after every meal and using dental mouthwash. The only thing a person has to keep in mind is that he or she may need to go to the Implant Dentist in Boulder CO for revisions from time to time. This is so the dentist can make sure that everything is in place and that the dental implants are fulfilling their function properly. Here are some other things to keep in mind.

Complementary therapies

As usual, the color of the implant may be slightly different from the color of the teeth. Therefore, the dentist may recommend a treatment to whiten teeth once the operation is completed (may be whitening or just a dental cleaning). In some clinics, the treatment is included in the budget of the implant, so the procedure does not incur any further expenses. Keep in mind, however, that each patient should ask about such costs before any type of care begins.

Price of dental implants

As always, everything depends on the type of implant that is used, the technique used and the dentist you see. To give one an idea, the average price of each implant ranges from $1200 to nearly $8000. This price range may seem a little excessive but implants are designed to last 20 years or more. If the patient takes care of their teeth, it could last north of 40 years. Actually, this cost is so high because you need a professional who has been trained specifically for implantation. To add fuel to the fire, the price of an implant is not exactly cheap since their materials are of the highest quality.

Periodic reviews

The Implant Dentist in Boulder CO will tell you that periodic reviews are a must if you want to keep the implant. It is important that, once you have a quote in place, ask if the price of periodic reviews falls within the full treatment price, or if you have to pay them separately. Do not be scared by the high price of implantation. Most clinics have financing methods that will help patients pay for this treatment gradually, which is based on fixed fees.


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