Ways a Dentist in Heber Springs Can Whiten Your Teeth

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Dental care

When your teeth start to look dingy and stained, it is often due to the foods and beverages you consume. While the look of your teeth may be upsetting, it is generally something a dentist in Heber Springs can resolve rather quickly with teeth whitening treatments.

Most dentists will be able to perform this type of treatment in their office in a short amount of time. Before treatment begins, the dentist will generally spend some time examining your teeth. This is done to ensure there are no other issues the dentist needs to be aware of before beginning the whitening process.

Once the exam is complete, a dentist or his assistant should clean your teeth. By having your teeth professionally cleaned prior to the whitening treatment, the whitening products will be able to work more quickly and effectively. This is because they will not need to work through layers of tartar or plaque buildup first. Instead, the whitening can be started right on your teeth.

A Dentist in Heber Springs will generally paint the whitening product directly onto your teeth. Doing this will give him or her the opportunity to coat each tooth individually and make sure the whitening product gets between the teeth as well.

After the whitening agent has been applied, the dentist will generally fill a custom-fitted dental tray with whitening product and apply this to your teeth as well. This will be left on your teeth for a period of time. It will help in making sure your teeth remain well coated with the whitening product throughout the process.

Most dentists today use heat, UV, or laser lamps to activate the whitening products they use. These lights are generally applied to a patient’s teeth and left on during the whitening process. Once the process is completed, you should be able to see results immediately. While your teeth may look noticeably better, the dentist may suggest further treatments to complete the whitening process.

If you are dealing with issues involving the way your teeth look, whitening treatments may be a good choice for you. For more information, contact Jason T. Bolding, DDS.

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