What Can You Expect From Extractions in Suffolk County NY?

There are many reasons a dentist may need to perform Extractions in Suffolk County NY. When a patient’s tooth has become damaged or is dying because of infection, decay or an injury, the dentist must generally pull the tooth to prevent damage from continuing. It is imperative patients realize a tooth extraction is nothing to fear. These procedures have become greatly advanced over the years and can now be carried out with very little discomfort. Through this information, people can help to feel better prepared by knowing what to expect when they have their tooth pulled.

Before the dentist even attempts to pull a tooth, he will first see what method of anesthesia needs to be used. Laughing gas and Novocaine are typically enough for most people to get through Extractions in Suffolk County NY. Those that are nervous about pain or experience extreme dental anxiety may need to have general anesthesia to ensure they are able to go through the procedure safely and calmly.

Once the patient is completely numb, the dentist will begin to shield the teeth on either side of the tooth being extracted. These protective shields are important because there are many different tools that are used in the tooth removal process that could cause some damage to the surrounding teeth.

The pulling method used by the dentist will depend on the size and location of the tooth. Wisdom teeth and other molars are typically the most difficult to remove because they have larger and more intrusive root systems. In some cases, small incisions may need to be made around a tooth to help ensure it can be removed safely and without causing any damage to the structures of surrounding teeth.

When a person’s tooth has been pulled, they will need to keep gauze in place to stop the bleeding. Once a blood clot forms over the opening of the gums, it will seal off the socket to prevent nerve pain and allow for complete healing.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, there is no reason for you to be fearful. Contact the office of Michael Kampourakis DDS. They cater to cowards and will work to make sure you are completely comfortable.


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