What Is The Dental Filling Treatment In Broken Arrow, OK Is Available?

by | May 7, 2018 | Dentist

In Oklahoma, decay is the most common reason for tooth damage. When treating the condition, dental professionals drill it out of the affected tooth. To treat the hole that the decay leaves behind, the dentists use a filling to restore the tooth. A local dentist explains the benefits and advantages of a dental filling treatment in Broken Arrow OK.

Composite Resin Fillings

The composite resin fillings are created with a combination of fine glass and plastic. The dentist uses the material to create immediate fillings in their office that are installed and cured with an ultraviolet lamp. Laboratories also use the material to create indirect fillings which are cemented into or over a repaired tooth.

The resin is also used for teeth that are more visible. The product lasts around five years typically. The fillings match the natural teeth more effectively and strengthen the tooth. The materials are also used to reconstruct damaged teeth.

Ceramic Tooth Fillings

The fillings are constructed of porcelain and look more like natural teeth. The material is used to create fillings, veneers, and even dental implant crowns. The longevity of the products is about seven years. The price of the material is more expensive than composite resin, but it is resistant to permanent stains. However, the ceramics are a more delicate material than the resin.

Amalgam Fillings to Repair Teeth

The amalgam fillings consist of several metals. Typically, the metals include copper, silver, zinc, and tin. However, around fifty percent of most amalgam fillings consist of mercury. The fillings are used for repairing decay in back teeth. The products last up to ten years and are considered the most affordable selection. The finished product is resistant to moisture and prevents heightened sensitivity. The only drawback is that the fillings could tarnish over time.

In Oklahoma, tooth damage is mitigated through repair techniques. Standard options involve the injection of a filling into the tooth once decay is cleaned away. There are several different types of filling materials that are used. The selection is based on the location of the tooth and the patient’s budget. Patients who want to schedule an appointment for a dental filling treatment in Broken Arrow OK can Visit us now.

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