What It Takes to Become an Orthodontist

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Dentist

For the most part, an orthodontist is a dentist who works on correcting overbites, underbites, and misaligned teeth. It is a field of dentistry that requires years of study and training. Typically it takes at least 10 to 11 years for an orthodontist to complete all of their schooling and training before they are able to go out and practice on their own.

Starting with College

To become an Orthodontist In Kinnelon NJ it first starts with college. Technically a person needs at least two years of undergraduate study. In reality, a person needs a full four year Bachelor of Science degree in order to proceed to the next step of becoming an orthodontist.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, the next step is to apply for and get accepted into a dental school. On average, this will take an additional four years of study. Upon completion, an aspiring orthodontist will then receive their Doctor of Dental Science or DDS.

Testing and More Schooling

The third step after receiving a DDS is to take the admission test. This test certifies that an aspiring orthodontist has all of the knowledge needed to begin practicing dentistry. This is a must pass requirement in order to move in further along this career path.

Once an aspiring orthodontist has passed their admissions test, the next step is to enroll into an orthodontist’s school. This can take another two to three years to complete. After that, there is an exit exam that the aspiring orthodontist must take and pass.

After completing all of these steps, a person will finally be declared an Orthodontist In Kinnelon NJ. This is not an easy road by any means. There are a lot of steps and a lot of very tough tests to pass. That is also why visiting an orthodontist is so expensive. It took a long time to become trained as an orthodontist.

It does not stop there either. There is always ongoing education and seminars required in order to stay sharp in the field of orthodontics. Many of these requirements may come from the membership organizations that practically all of the orthodontists are members of. Of course, if a person decides that they want to become a pediatric orthodontist, which is another two years of study.

There really is a huge amount of commitment needed in order to ever become an orthodontist. For the most part, it takes at least 10 or 11 years. Even the smartest of people take at least eight years to complete all of their schooling and training. There is definitely no shortcut to becoming an orthodontist. It just comes down to hard work, smarts, and determination. In the end though, it can be very rewarding.

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