What Patients Should Expect from Teeth Whitening Services in Haddonfield NJ

Having a bright, white smile helps people look healthier and more youthful. However, everyone is prone to some level of tooth discoloration over time. Professional teeth whitening in Haddonfield, NJ, can help lift deep stains to reveal a brighter smile.

Tooth whitening has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures offered by dentists. Knowing how the procedure will take place may help patients mentally prepare for their appointment. There are a few things patient should expect from Teeth Whitening Services in Haddonfield, NJ.

Before the Appointment

While teeth whitening is considered a safe procedure, it’s important for patients to make sure their teeth are healthy beforehand. recommends combining teeth whitening with other services, such as dental cleanings and regular exams.

Any tooth problems, such as decay or plaque, should be treated before a whitening treatment. The dentist may also recommend x-rays to check for other signs of damage. Once a patient is given a clean bill of health, they should be a good candidate for teeth whitening.

The Procedure

During the appointment, the dentist will apply a special, high potency whitening solution to each tooth. A dental dam may be used to protect the gum tissue from the solution. The dentist may also use a special blue light to activate the solution.

Once the solution has fully developed, the dentist will remove it and rinse out the patient’s mouth. The results of the treatment are instantaneous. Many patients will find their teeth are now 10-12 shades whiter than before the treatment.


Patients need to properly care for their teeth after Teeth Whitening Services in Haddonfield, NJ, to maintain the results. It’s recommended that patients continue to brush and floss twice a day. Some dentists even give patients extra whitening solution to help them keep their smile bright.

While the initial procedure it painless, some patients report slight tooth sensitivity for the next few weeks. This is normal and should gradually fade over time. Consider using a toothpaste marketed for sensitive teeth to help prevent this discomfort.

Foods, drinks, and even lifestyle choices can gradually dull a person’s smile. Getting professional teeth whitening treatment is one of the best ways to turn back the hands of time. Anyone hiding their discolored teeth should meet with a dentist to find out if they are a candidate for whitening services.


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