What Procedures Can I Benefit From General Dentistry?

General dentistry encompasses an amazing range of procedures, techniques, and services, all with a common goal: to promote oral health and keep your smile glowing throughout your life. Oral health is a critical element of general health. Studies show links between serious health issues such as cardiovascular diseases and oral diseases. We cannot necessitate enough about the importance of maintaining healthy oral habits. All these efforts wouldn’t be possible without the expertise of dentists. So, what does general dentistry entail?


Modern general dentistry in Columbia MD has come a long way in identifying various techniques and procedures to help your teeth stay healthy, look great, and function well. A general dentist goes through at least four years of dental school for coursework and training. Two additional years during residency are also paramount before working on patients unsupervised. Some of the general dentistry procedures include:

Cleanings and oral exams

Oral examinations determine the health of your teeth. Your dentist will conduct regular examinations that may include taking X-rays to determine the state of your dental structure. Professional cleanings are recommended to take out build-up plaque and tartar.

Root canal treatments

Once it’s identified that you have a severely infected and damaged tooth, general dentistry advises root canal treatments to help save the tooth.

Tooth whitening

Unlike cleaning, this is a practice in general dentistry Columbia MD that aims at making teeth whiter.

Extractions and fillings

Abscessed teeth, wisdom teeth, and severely damaged teeth that no longer serve a purpose in your oral space may need removal. Teeth that are chipped, broken, or cracked need fillings and crowns to prevent further deterioration.

Other procedures that a general dentist may handle include oral screening to detect diseases such as cancer and tooth replacement techniques such as dental implants. If you feel you need to see a dentist for any occurring dental problems, call us now. We are here to serve you.

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