What to Expect from Dental Implants Pocono

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Dental care

It is not uncommon for a tooth or teeth to get knocked out or to get lost to decay or gum disease. In the past, tooth replacement meant dentures or a partial bridge. These options are still available for replacing a tooth or number of teeth, but implant dentistry now offers other solutions. If you are interested in Dental Implants Pocono services, you should know what to expect from these tooth replacements and the pros and cons.

Tooth implant surgery is done as an outpatient procedure in most cases. During this process, you can expect the following.

1) Standard or sedation anesthesia is provided before the tooth extraction.

2) The affected tooth is removed. Multiple teeth can be extracted as well.

3) The jawbone is prepared for the procedure, which may include bone grafting for some patients.

4) Most instances of bone grafting require several weeks or months for healing before implants can be inserted.

5) After the bone grafts have healed, you will go back for the dental implants.

6) A titanium post is inserted into your jawbone that will act as a replacement tooth root.

7) The healing process for this can also take several months.

8) Once you have healed, an abutment is placed over the titanium post. At the same time, a porcelain, artificial tooth, or crown, is placed on the abutment.

That is the most common process for implant surgery. Sometimes same-day dental implants are possible depending on the circumstances. Most implant dentists try to get you through the process as quickly as possible so you won’t have to suffer with too much downtime. If your surgeries are done at different times to allow for healing, you will still be able to function and work as you usually do. You may have to take a few sick days from work to rest, but otherwise, it should be business as usual.

The two primary benefits of having this kind of tooth replacement include maintaining or restoring the structural integrity of your jawbone and having a beautiful smile. Dental Implants Pocono are provided by Bartonsville Family Dental. This dental center also offers emergency dental, general dental, and cosmetic dental services for you and your family.

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