What’s the Next Step After Experiencing Tooth Pain in Chicago?

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Dentist

It hurts to chew. You cracked a tooth during a football game. There’s something weird about your tongue. There are a million reasons why you might need to visit a dentist, so consider this your guide to finding a good, reputable one in Chicago and its surrounding areas.

Look for a Specialist

This is particularly important if you’re experiencing something like temporomandibular pain. Not every dentist is equipped to handle it, so you’ll need to visit a TMJ specialist in Chicago to get it treated. You should also look for experts if you’re seeking niche or specialized treatments like same-day crowns that are only available via CEREC technology. There’s no point in finding a dentist and making all kinds of arrangements only to discover that they don’t actually offer the service areas that you need.

Catalogue Your Symptoms

What’s wrong? Try to avoid generic statements like “my tooth hurts” because these won’t help your dentist diagnose the problem. Instead, get specific about where the pain is localized, whether it’s sharp or dull, and what other symptoms might be present with it. Things like swollen gums can be indicative of gingivitis and not a tooth problem at all, even though it can cause sensitive teeth as well.

Dental issues can have a big impact on your quality of life, so if you’re experiencing symptoms, there’s no reason to wait. Contact the Art Of Modern Dentistry today.

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