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by | Nov 16, 2018 | Dentist

If you don’t truly understand the medical procedure that your child will be undergoing, it can be a little bit unsettling as a parent. Regardless of how intense the process will be, it’s still unnerving to not know exactly what will be taking place. When it comes to dental work in children, there are a number of very common procedures – and getting fillings just happens to be one of them. If a dentist has told you that your child will need to have a filling or even multiple fillings, here are some things that you will want to know.

What Causes the Need for Fillings?
Hundreds of thousands of kids get fillings each and every year, so you don’t need to blame yourself for your child’s need of fillings. Children love candy and sugar, and they also consume a lot of acidic things like fruit and juice. By allowing those things to build up in the mouth, they eventually take a toll on your enamel. Even if your child brushes on a somewhat regular basis, there is a good chance that they may, at some point, experience a cavity. When the bacteria does wear a tiny hole in the tooth (or teeth), pain and discomfort is extremely common, which makes Fillings Portland procedures even more essential.

Are Silver Fillings Harmful?
While silver colored fillings used to be the only option available, there is now a special composite that many dentists use instead. This composite will be customized to match your child’s tooth color, making his or her fillings practically invisible. There were many concerns raised in the past about how silver fillings Honolulu procedures may have negative side effects in the future due to the chemicals that were found in the silver material. By going with the tooth colored composite, parents can rest assured that nothing harmful will be permanently placed into their child’s mouth.

Will My Child be in Pain?
There aren’t many dental procedures that are totally, one hundred percent comfortable. While there are options available if your child responds harshly to pain, it’s important to know that many dentists will use a local anesthetic to numb the area. This means that after a few pricks at the start of the fillings Honolulu procedure, your child will most likely only feel a bit of pressure. By discussing with your child prior to heading in to get the filling (or fillings) all of the different “need to know” aspects -you’ll feel much better knowing that the both of you are educated on what will be going on. Click here for more information.

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