Who Should Have an Oral Cancer Screening in Royal?

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Dentist

One of the types of support that the dentist offers is an annual oral cancer screening in Royal. Many people do not think of having this test done for various reasons. The fact is that, while everyone should be tested, there are those who should make it a point to ask for the screening. Here are some examples.

History of Cancer in the Family

If any close relatives have or had cancer in any form, it makes sense to ask the dentist for an oral cancer screening in Royal. The fact that no one in the family ever had this particular type of cancer is irrelevant. See the screening as a precautionary measure, just as it makes sense to be tested for other forms of cancer with the help of the family physician.

Cancer Survivors

For those who had cancer in the past and are either considered cured or in remission, it pays to talk to the dentist about a screening. Even if it was years ago when the physician determined the cancer was gone, there is always the chance of the problem developing elsewhere in the body. That means if someone previously had cancer in the stomach, there is a slightly higher chance of developing oral cancer even after decades have passed.

Risky Habits

Even if no member of the family has cancer and the individual has never been diagnosed with the condition, it pays to know that certain personal habits increase the potential for this type of health issue to develop. Choosing to be screened on an annual basis makes it much easier to determine if cancer is present and to take action before it has the chance to worsen. This also provides the opportunity to speak with the dentist about lifestyle changes that would reduce the risk of developing this kind of cancer.

For screenings and other dental needs, contact the team at Thomas Family Dentistry PC today and schedule an appointment. After the initial exam, it will be easy to determine if any dental work is needed and set up a date and time for the first treatment. Even if no work is needed, the patient can work with the dentist to set up cleanings and other essentials that help to protect dental health.

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