Why are More People Choosing Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Readington?

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Dental Services, Dentist

You know how important the health of your teeth and gums is. You take your time in making sure to brush and floss each day and you also see your dentist on a regular basis. Though you do all you can to keep your smile healthy and looking its best, there are certain issues beyond your control. If you are experiencing cosmetic dental issues, there is help available through the many treatment options offered through Cosmetic Dentistry in Readington. These treatments can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth, giving you greater confidence and even improving the function of your smile.

What are Some of the Cosmetic Dental Procedures Available?

  Dental implants — Implants are used to replace missing teeth in your smile. You can lose teeth through injury, birth defects, cavities and infection. If you are missing teeth, dental implants can replace them and fill in any empty spaces in your smile. This becomes a permanent solution to both improve the appearance of your smile and its function.

  Porcelain veneers — Made of porcelain, thin sheets of veneer are placed over the outer surface of your front teeth. These sheets help to hide damage, staining and close gaps in your smile. Porcelain veneers have been used in Hollywood for years, to improve the smiles of celebrities. Now, this procedure is becoming increasingly popular for many people who want to instantly improve their smiles.

*   Teeth whitening — For those who have stained and yellowed teeth, teeth whitening procedures are avialable. The Cosmetic Dentistry Readington dentist can whiten your teeth through traditional whitening, bleaching and bonding treatments, depending on the degree of staining you are experiencing with your smile. These procedures can turn even the most stained of teeth into beautifully white teeth.

There are also other cosmetic dental procedures the dentist can use to improve your smile. To learn more about these procedures and to schedule an appointment for a consultation, visit us. They can offer you and your family all of the dental treatments needed, to keep your smiles healthy and looking better than you ever imagined. Contact them today and get started on achieving your new smile.

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