Why Consider Ceramic Crowns in St George UT Over Other Options?

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Dentist

There is no doubt that some dental work is in order, but there are some decisions to make. Specifically, what type of crowns would be best for the job? The dentist has recommended Ceramic Crowns in St George UT as the best choice. Here are some of the reasons why the professional is suggesting this option to the patient.


One of the nice things about Ceramic Crowns in St George UT is the lifelike appearance they provide. When compared to other options, they simply look more like the real thing. The ceramic can be tinted to match the exact shade of the teeth and make it almost impossible for anyone to tell that crows are in place. For people who would rather not have others wondering what sort of work was done, going with these crowns is the only viable option.

The Comfort Factor

There are options for crowns that involve the use of some kind of metal. While most of the metal is covered with other components of the crown, there is some potential for discomfort around the gum line. In the worst case scenario, the patient may have to return for some additional work in order to get rid of the irritation. Since the ceramic crowns do not involve the use of metal, this potential issue is not present.


Ceramic will hold up well as the years go by. This is important for people who do not want to be overly concerned about damaging a crown. As with any type of dental work, the patient will likely need to do away with some bad habits like chewing on ice, or not being mindful about biting down on things that are too hard to chew. With a reasonable amount of precaution, there is no reason the ceramic crowns will not last for a lifetime.

For help with any type of dental issue, contact the team at Hatch & Jeppson Dental today. After a first exam, it will be possible to determine what sort of work must be done, and ensure that the patient understands all the options. Once a plan of action is set in place, the patient can look forward to enjoying teeth that look great once again.

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