Yellow or Missing Teeth? Dentists in Wichita, KS can Brighten or Replace Them

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Implant Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is very important. It keeps a patient’s teeth and gums healthy. It can also keep dental costs manageable. Dental studies show that 80 percent of root canals could be avoided with early treatment. When dentists in Wichita KS spot small cavities during routine dental examinations, they can fix them and prevent larger issues from developing. Patients often avoid dental treatment because they fear that it will be painful. Today’s dental anesthetics are extremely effective. Patients might feel some pressure, but that is all.

Sometimes decay does reach a tooth root and it’s not possible to do a root canal. In that case Dentists Wichita KS professionals have to extract the tooth. While that’s cheaper than having a root canal and crown, it means that the patient’s jaw bone will lose mass. It also means that the teeth can move and the patient might not chew or eat as well. Dental implants are an answer to all of these issues. The dentist inserts a titanium shaft into the patient’s jaw bone. It becomes the new root of the tooth. After the gum and implant have meshed together, the dentist places a porcelain crown over the implant. The result is a realistic tooth that will function like the original for decades.

Many patients now visit the office because they are unhappy with the quality of their teeth. Americans are often judged by their smile both in professional and social situations. Even yellow teeth can cause people anxiety. Teeth whitening procedures are the most often requested cosmetic dentistry procedure. With just one treatment, the results of years of coffee drinking and smoking can be whisked away. Patients often see their teeth become eight shades whiter. The dentist then shows them how to maintain the treatment at home. If people follow these instructions, a professional whitening can last up to two years.

Some stains are so ingrained in teeth that they defy standard whitening techniques. In this case the patient and Dentists Wichita KS staff can discuss whether veneers are right for them. These are shells that can be made to fit over the front of the teeth. As an added bonus they can reshape teeth, even out the size and fill any gaps. They can be made in just one visit.

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