You Can Get Professional Teeth Whitening Results At Home In Kamuela

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Dental care

It seems that having white teeth has become a necessity in today’s society. We all strive for that healthy white smile we see on TV and in magazines, but until recently it has seemed out of reach for the average person to obtain because of the high cost. Browse website for more details.

Many new procedures have simplified and streamlined the process, making it attainable by many more people. One of the newest and most popular procedures involves the dentist making an impression of your teeth and then making custom whitening trays that you can wear at home.

There are a few advantages to using this method over the do it yourself kits that you can buy at the drugstore, with the main advantage being that the whitening gel that your dentist provides you with will be much more effective than anything you can buy over the counter. It is also convenient to be able to give yourself the treatments at home. Though it may take more time overall, you can do it the privacy and comfort of your own home. Depending on the level of Teeth Whitening Kamuela desired, you will probably wear the trays for about an hour a day or even overnight, so it won’t interfere at all with your regular activities.

The custom fit trays are also an advantage because you will need a minimum of the gel and therefore less chance of gum irritation, which can be a painful side effect. Your custom trays allow the gel to be on the teeth without touching your gums. Add the fact that the treatment is supervised by a professional and it is one of the safest whitening methods available.

Keep in mind that teeth may be sensitive for a while after the treatment. This can occur whether you get the treatment done in the office or you opt to do it at home. It will pass in time but be sure to avoid stain causing food and drink and follow your dentist’s after care instructions.

Part of the after care of your newly whitened teeth will be to see your dentist regularly. Getting regular cleanings and exams with Business Name will help you maintain the look for longer in between touch ups.

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