Your Dentist In Lakewood Will Keep Your Smile Healthy

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Dentist

There isn’t much worse than having a smile that you are ashamed to show because you have chipped, crooked or just stained teeth. If you have been forgetting to brush and floss regularly, this is the kind of problem that will come up. What you need to do is give a Dentist Madison Al office a call and set up an appointment.

When you get to the dentist’s office, they will ask you to fill out a brief medical history form, then they will give you a complete oral examination that will include x-rays. When x-rays are ready, the dentist will show you everything they find. They will also check to see if your gums are healthy. If you have an infection in your gums or gingivitis they will get you some antibiotic to clear up your infection before they get to work on your teeth.

If you don’t have any infections, the first thing they will want to do is give you a cleaning. Once your teeth have been cleaned, the dentist Madison Al office will set you up for one or more appointments to get all your cavities filled. At this point, you should have your smile back, unless you have some extra problems like bad stains or missing teeth.

For adults with missing teeth, the dentist will discuss whether you want a bridge or dental implants to replace the missing teeth. If your teeth or crooked or gaps have grown between them, you may want to talk about invisible braces. For bad stains you can schedule a professional whitening.

Not only will your dentist Madison Al office give you back your cheerful smile, they will make sure that none of your dental challenges are leading to additional health issues. Toothaches can lead to problems with your hearing or even cause you to develop something like acid re-flux, which is something you really don’t want.

Once all of your current dental issues are taken care of and you have your smile back, it is important that you do what you need to do to keep it. Just brush and floss at least twice a day and schedule check-up appointments with your dentist. This your Dentist In South Side Edmonton office will be working with you to keep you smiling.

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