Your Questions Answered About Oral Health For Children From A Pediatric Dentist In Weymouth MA

To make sure that children have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime, it’s important to begin regular dental visits with an experienced Pediatric Dentist in Weymouth MA when children are young. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about a child’s dental health and some of the various dental procedures recommended for children.

Q.) What is the best age for a child to begin visiting the dentist?

A.) Some dentists recommend that children begin regular dental checkups at around 3 years of age. When parents bring their children to the dentist at a young age, the dentist can detect any tooth problems early and start a treatment plan for the child. When children grow up seeing a dentist for regular checkups, they aren’t frightened by the experience as they get older.

Q.) What are some ways that dentists help children have healthy teeth and gums?

A.) In addition to regular tooth cleanings and examinations, a dentist can apply sealants to a child’s teeth and administer fluoride treatments. When a child’s back molars erupt, dentists often recommend brushing a sealant on the surface of these teeth. This solution helps prevent cavities from forming in the teeth by sealing the grooves that naturally form in the teeth. Fluoride treatments are given to children to help keep their teeth strong and healthy while they’re still developing.

Q.) What can parents do at home to help their children have healthy teeth and gums?

A.) In between visits to an experienced Pediatric Dentist in Weymouth MA, parents can make sure that their children are taking good care of their teeth. Teaching proper brushing and flossing methods will ensure that the children are correctly taking care of their teeth. Parents should brush their children’s teeth for them if they’re too young to do it by themselves. Children should learn to brush their teeth two times every day and after eating sweets.

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