Invisalign: The Ultimate Alternative to Braces!

Invisalign is the ultimate alternative to braces! This procedure has changed the smiles and lives of numerous people. Invisalign is an invisible way to straighten your teeth without the unsightly look of metal brackets and braces. Unlike the traditional metal braces, Invisalign consists of a set of removable aligners which are clear and they slowly straighten the teeth over the course of a few weeks. Invisalign provides several distinct benefits to metal braces such as comfort, convenience, affordability, and they are clear. If you are interested in this dental procedure you can find a reputable dentist that provides Invisalign in Lakeview.

Invisalign Procedure

When you visit a dental professional for an Invisalign procedure the first thing that will be performed is having custom-made clear aligners created just for your teeth. There will be several of these sets made because every 2 weeks you will change aligners as your teeth move into place. Invisalign is the perfect option for you if you are looking to straighten your smile and transform your beautiful smile. Of course, there are other choices but Invisalign is chosen over them because its invisibility and easy to use. Some of the reasons people choose Invisalign is because of wide spacing of their teeth, overcrowding, crossbite, underbite, and overbite.

Advantages of Invisalign

There are numerous advantages of Invisalign. One of the advantages is nobody will know you have had this dental procedure done unless you tell them. Other advantages of Invisalign are you can take the aligners out when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing whereas with metal braces you cannot. Not only will Invisalign straighten your teeth but it will do so quicker than the traditional braces. If you were self-conscious before about your teeth you will not be once you have Invisalign. You will get your confidence back and be able to show off that gorgeous smile of yours! Contact Family Dental Care at for more details. Like us on our facebook page.


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