Missing Teeth are No Longer a Problem With Dental Implants in Keizer OR

Gum disease, tooth injuries, and decay can all lead to the loss of teeth. Depending on the area a tooth is missing, this can cause problems with chewing and can make a smile look less attractive. When missing teeth become a problem, the dentist can offer a solution with Dental Implants in Keizer OR.
Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime though the prosthetic crown may have to be replaced if damage occurs. Those who are considering tooth replacement need to learn all they can about Dental Implants in Keizer OR.

When the traditional method of implant placement is used, it will generally take around five to six months from start to finish. Mini implants can be put in place the same day and do not require a long process. The type used will depend on the patient’s needs. The first step in the entire process is the surgical procedure that places the titanium rod into the jawbone. This rod acts as the tooth root and will hold the prosthetic.

Once the implant rod is in place, a period of bone cell growth must occur before the rod will be strong and secure enough to hold the prosthetic crown in place. Titanium is one of the few metals the human body will accept and grow bone tissue around. Once the healing process has taken place, the patient will undergo a small procedure to open up the gum tissue and place the healing cap on top of the rod. The gum tissue will need to fully heal before the next step in the process.

A patient will then come in for their abutment. The abutment is attached to the titanium rod. This allows for the placement of the prosthetic crown which will then be the only visible portion of the full assembly. Once in place, a person’s smile looks beautiful and they are able to chew much more effectively.

Before a person can learn if they are a good candidate for Dental Implants in Keizer OR, they will need to schedule a consultation appointment. If you are interested in dental implants, Visit Salemriverfrontdental.com for more information.


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