When should you see a dentist?

Years ago, regular dental care was something that was avoided by most people; as a result, the teeth of the general population were in poor shape, to say the least. Back then there were no guidelines on how frequently you should see a dentist in West Town; the result was that when people did see a dentist, it was for remedial work rather than preventing future problems.

Although all people are somewhat different and have different dental care needs, a standard needed to be set; the standard that was commonly adopted was six months between visits. This is still a good rule of thumb and probably always will be, but dental visits still should be based on the needs of the individual.

You may be very diligent when it comes to dental hygiene at home; this does not mean that you can avoid seeing a dentist in West Town. A dentist can check your teeth and gums, looking to see if there are, or about to be, problem areas that need attention. Dental problems are often not caused for concern until they become quite advanced, with regular checkups problems are caught before they reach that stage.

The interval between visits does vary:

Although seeing the dentist every six months works well for the majority of people, there are individuals that can schedule fewer visits and there are people that need to see the dentist more often. High-risk groups include people that smoke, diabetics, those with gum disease and those individuals that are prone to cavities and a rapid buildup of plaque.

Start seeing your dentist every six months, with good oral hygiene at home you may not have any cavities or gum problems. If this is the case, your dentist may suggest that you extend the time between visits. Your dentist in West Town is the best judge of how often you need to visit the office.

It is recommended that you see a dentist every six months. If you are looking for a dentist in West Town, you are invited to contact Washington Dental Care.


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