6 Ways to Bright, White Teeth

by | May 27, 2016 | Dental

Having stained or discolored teeth can be a bit embarrassing. Here are tips on how to get bright, white teeth:

Fix your diet

Stay away from coffee, tea, colas and dark juices.  You won’t get those pearly whites if you keep on throwing back a glass of red wine or go for a couple of smokes a day. What you take into your body affects your teeth in a major way so get rid of anything that could stain or discolor your teeth.


Brush your teeth

Do this after every meal or snack. It sounds like a given but you’d surprised at how many people forget to brush their teeth regularly. This should keep plaque from forming on your teeth for too long.

Clean your tongue

Use a tongue scraper to get the job done. This helps reduce the buildup of bacteria, keeping you safe from bad breath. It also helps get rid of any plaque in your mouth.

Choose crisp food

Firm or crisp food help keep your teeth clean. Want to nosh on something? Skip the choco chip cookies and go for apples instead. Celery, pop corn and raw carrots are just some of the possible options you can go for.


Keep this handy wherever you are so you can easily clean your teeth. Make sure you’ve got one in your car, bag, office or bedroom and not just your bathroom. Flossing regularly keeps your mouth free of any food bits and bacteria. Don’t forget to floss between your gums, says WebMD. Food bits can get there and irritate the gums, causing inflammation and even decay in the process.

Go to a dentist

Want faster results? Opt for a teeth whitening in Plantation. When you contact a professional practice like Westside Dental Center, you’re sure to get those pearly whites in no time and with the least stress and hassle.

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