A Guide to Tooth Extractions in Lakeview

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Dentistry

When a person needs a tooth extraction, they often feel worried about the pain they will experience or the recovery period after their procedure. For the most part, tooth extraction procedures are fairly painless, though they can cause a person to experience soreness after. Those who are fully prepared for their procedure and know what to expect will have a much easier time than those who are ill-prepared. Through tooth extractions in Lakeview, a person’s oral health can be protected.

Those who are in need of tooth extractions in Lakeview will first have an X-ray to determine what type of root system the tooth has. This is especially important when a patient is having a wisdom tooth pulled since they can have longer roots that sometimes grow into the jawbone. Once the dentist has surveyed the position and size of the roots, the patient will be fully numbed in the area that will be worked on.

Numbing is generally carried out through a local anesthetic. Most patients do not require general anesthesia unless they are having multiple teeth pulled or suffer from severe dental anxiety. Once the area has been tested for numbness, the dentist will begin working on removing the tooth.

If a tooth has been damaged due to a cavity or injury, it may need to be removed in pieces. For large teeth, a dentist may need to make an incision around the base of the tooth to ensure it can be removed without causing any undue damage to the surrounding teeth or jawbone.

Once the dentist has successfully removed the tooth, the patient will be stitched closed or will have their socket packed with gauze. It is crucial the patient pays careful attention to the instructions their dentist gives them so they will know the proper way to care for their healing socket.

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