A Kids Dentist in Oahu, HI is Just Part of an Overall Cavity Prevention Plan

by | May 31, 2018 | Dental care

An early childhood cavity is defined as a decayed tooth surface occurring in a child under six years of age. There’s good news, however: cavities are almost completely preventable. Use these oral health tips to prevent cavities in children as they grow.

Limit Intake of Sugary Liquids

While bottles are a source of comfort for toddlers, misuse may cause tooth decay and other issues. To prevent cavities, do not put juices or other sugary liquids in a bottle. If a child is accustomed to these liquids, try gradually diluting drinks with water until that’s all they’re drinking.

Choose a Reliable Dentist

Pediatric dentists offer an inviting, fun environment that’s designed specifically for children. A Kids Dentist Oahu HI has the special training required to care for adolescents and young children. Parents should choose a dentist for their children before their first birthdays, as it prevents cavities while establishing a solid oral care routine.

Start Oral Care Early On

Just because an infant has no teeth doesn’t mean their mouths shouldn’t be cleaned. Clean babies’ gums with a damp, clean cloth, gently removing food particles and residue. With this step, parents will improve the health of soon-to-be baby teeth, and they’ll get their children used to oral care from an early age.

Set a Good Example

A good way to get children to floss and brush is to model good oral care habits. Brushing and flossing together will guide them into a healthy routine, and it allows parents to monitor kids’ brush time and progress. Finally, it helps all involved become more responsible for their own mouth care.

Build a Healthy Diet

It’s easy to improve children’s diet and their oral health at the same time. Put together a diet including plenty of vegetables and fruits, which are rich in fiber and clean the teeth as they’re consumed. Furthermore, milk and other calcium sources improve tooth enamel, which protects against cavities.

Tooth decay isn’t just painful, it affects the overall health of a child’s developing mouth. Therefore, early treatment and prevention are the most effective way to handle cavities. Routine, twice-yearly checkups are a good way to monitor children’s oral health. Visit a kids dentist Oahu HI today to start a treatment plan or call the Kidshine Pediatric Dental Group to learn more. You can also also connect them on Facebook.

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