Benefits of a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

by | May 31, 2018 | Dental

Let’s face it. When someone has a gorgeous smile, they are more likely to display that smile for everyone to see. Likewise, if someone has missing teeth, discolored tooth areas or otherwise unattractive teeth, they are less likely to smile and are often self-conscious about their appearance. There are some important benefits of having a healthy and beautiful smile. Medical professionals know that healthy teeth and gums are important to your whole body health. Many people are excited about the innovative Dental Implants that a Hyde Park dental specialist office is now able to offer patients.

These newer dental implants work much the same as natural teeth. If just one or a few teeth are missing, the patient can get these missing teeth replaced by single dental implants. If someone is missing most or all of their teeth due to disease, gum problems, broken or decaying teeth, a dental specialist can use larger bridges of dental implants to fix the smile. The end results are stunning. The dental implants look and act like natural teeth. These implants can keep the jaw bone strong and eliminate that loss of under gum bone that missing teeth can cause. Find out how gorgeous Dental Implants from a Hyde Park practice of dental specialists can improve your smile.

Dental specialists insert metal titanium posts into the jaw where teeth should be. Over time, the surrounding bone forms a bond around the implanted post. During this waiting time, the dentist will typically provide a temporary crown that will be replaced by a permanent porcelain or acrylic crown later on. Discover how Dental Implants by a Hyde Park dental specialist group can improve the appearance and health of your smile via . Call Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore.

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