A Root Canal in Toms River, NJ Could Save Your Tooth

While almost everyone is familiar with what should be done daily to keep a healthy smile, few people actually manage to find the time and motivation to follow through with actually doing everything that the dentist recommends. Almost no one is actually out there brushing several times a day, avoiding sweets, flossing, and doing everything else that we’re told will keep us from having an occasional cavity. If you’ve been less than perfect in your care of your mouth, or even if you’ve been careful but got unlucky and your teeth are hurting anyway, a Root Canal Toms River NJ may be what it takes to save your tooth.

For a cavity that’s still small, the dentist will generally just drill a little to even out the hole and then insert a filling to repair the damage and protect the remaining tooth. At a certain point, however, this approach is no longer viable. If the damage reaches a stage where it’s causing severe pain, or an infection has developed in the pulp of the tooth, a simple filling isn’t going to be sufficient. That is when you may be told that a Root Canal Toms River NJ is your best option.

Getting a Root Canal Toms River NJ basically means that the dentist intends to remove the pulp of the tooth, which is the area where both the pain and infection are generally centered. Once the pulp is removed, the pain will go away and you’ll no longer be of having the infection turn into something very serious. This means that you’ll be able to keep the tooth itself, rather than having to have it pulled.

This is the course that Vanguard Dental recommends to most of their patients. While people are used to thinking of it as one of the more unpleasant things you can have to go through, a Root Canal Toms River NJ can actually save you a lot of pain and expense. It keeps you from having to lose the tooth entirely. This means that it also saves you from having to get oral surgery to permit the placement of a replacement tooth, or the embarrassment of living with an obvious gap in your smile. Browse the site for more information.


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