Facts About Teeth Whitening in Canyon Texas

Many people are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth because their teeth have a dark, yellowish color. All teeth have a natural color that is determined by genetics. Teeth can have any of the 28 shades that occur naturally. While most people are born with ivory-colored teeth, people’s teeth can change color over time due to many factors including smoking, drug use, poor oral hygiene, and drinking tea, soft drinks, and red wine. Age is also a contributing factor in the darkening of a tooth’s color. Many people also have teeth with splotches and stains on them. Teeth Whitening Canyon Texas is a dental treatment many people undergo so they can lighten their teeth for a more radiant smile. There are several remedies you can do at home or you can visit a reputable Dentist Canyon to get safe and effective Teeth Whitening Canyon Texas services.

Dentine is the main structure of teeth and consists of 70% of the mineral hydroxylapatite, 20% organic material, and 10% water. The enamel on top of the dentine is very porous which allows whitening materials to lighten the color of the dentine underneath.

There are many toothpastes and teeth whitening kits you can purchase at many retail stores. Most of these remedies contain a gel manufactured with a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide. Many of these systems will have a tray that you place the bleaching agent in before you place it over your teeth. Most people don’t experience side effects of the chemicals in these whitening kits and can perform the whitening tasks safely. It takes about an hour a day and the process is usually repeated every day for about a month.

Teeth Whitening in Canyon Texas agents that are used in dental practices are usually done under the supervision of a dental hygienist. In-office whitening treatments involve using an agent with a high concentration of a bleaching chemical. The chemical is placed on a patient’s teeth for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Some of these procedures involve a light being used to enhance the bleaching process. These procedures are usually pain-free and involve minimal risks.

Having teeth that are as healthy and radiant as possible will make a person want to smile more. This in turn will help to increase self-confidence and an overall sense of well-being. Visit the website for more information.


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