A Smile You Can Be Proud Of

You can usually look at a person and tell if they are confident are not. A confident person looks you right in the eye as they speak and is free to smile a self assured smile. A less confident person may turn away as they speak, smile a small, tight lipped smile and try to shield their mouth when they are turned your way. Usually, a person who acts this way is embarrassed of their teeth and is trying to hide them. There is no need for anyone to feel this way anymore with the advances in Cosmetic Dentistry Madison WI. Between teeth whitening or lumineers, everyone can have a smile that they are proud of.

Tooth whitening is a very simple Cosmetic Dentistry procedure. The procedure will give your teeth a very natural whitened look. It’s not dramatic enough to look fake. This gentle process will whiten and brighten your teeth and make you look years younger in less than an hour. A gel like substance is placed on the teeth and when activated it acts like hydrogen peroxide, removing set in stains on the teeth and whitening them during the process. This whiter smile will last for at least a few months before it has to be repeated. For someone embarrassed about stained teeth, this may be an answer they are looking for.

Lumineers can totally redefine a patient’s mouth with only a couple dental visits. Lumineers are very thin porcelain tooth shaped layers, about the thickness of a contact lens, that adhere to a patient’s teeth with a special adhesive to hold them securely in place. Lumineers can give the teeth an entirely different look. They can cover stained teeth, misaligned teeth, cracked teeth, or chipped teeth and give the patient a white, perfectly aligned smile. Lumineers are painless to put on and can last up to 20 years before needing to be reapplied.

With the advances of Cosmetic Dentistry Madison WI, no one has to feel uncomfortable with their smile. Stained and yellowed teeth, cracked or chipped teeth all can be taken care of with simple dental procedures to give your smile an entirely different look and give you the self confidence you deserve.


    Pierre Raneses

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