What Services Do Dentists NE Minneapolis Offer?

by | May 28, 2013 | Dental

Professional Dentists NE Minneapolis will offer several areas of dentistry. Many will offer dental services to entire families, and not just to adults or children. When looking for reputable Dentists NE Minneapolis, what services should you expect them to offer?

Regular Checkups

The best way to spend less time in the dentist chair is to actually to go to the dentist regularly. How does that work? Regular cleanings take about a half hour and can prevent cavities, gum disease, and other problems that require much more time to fix. During a checkup, the dentist might find a small cavity and will fill it right away before it becomes worse and requires harsher treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Excellent Dentists NE Minneapolis will do more than fix and prevent problems, but also help create a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry involves how the teeth and gums look. This includes teeth whitening for a sparkling smile, teeth straightening, and adding veneers to hide discoloration or close gaps.

Dental Implants

The most common dental implants are dentures. Dentures are completely new teeth for the patient, and are removable for cleaning. Some dental implants are not removable. Dental implants could be one tooth or all of them. Another common dental implant is the crown. A crown covers a bad tooth to prevent it from becoming worse, but still looks like a tooth.


Not all dentists offer oral surgery. That doesn’t make them bad dentists, as long as they refer you to a dentist that will perform surgeries. Extraction of wisdom teeth is a very common surgery, and many times the patient is anesthetized. A professional oral surgeon will tell a patient of the risks and try to make them as comfortable as possible with the procedure.

Root Canals

The idea of getting a root canal scares many people. Your dentist might tell you he has to perform endodontic therapy, but what he really means is that dreaded root canal. Root canals are painless, despite everyone’s fear, and are only required when a tooth is seriously infected. With those regular checkups, a patient should never have to fear the root canal.

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