A Visit to an Orthodontist Can be Best for Adults Considering Alternatives to Traditional Braces

If you are an adult with misaligned teeth, you may be looking for a way to correct your dental issues other than using traditional braces. While metal braces can be very successful in straightening teeth, they often can be difficult for a working adult to wear comfortably. In such cases, you should see an orthodontist in Oak Creek to explore the types of treatments, which might be helpful.

One of the most common types of treatments an orthodontist may decide to use to correct your dental issues can be ceramic or plastic braces. These types of braces are much like metal braces. The difference is in the coloring of the wires and brackets used in the treatment. Rather than the typical metal color, plastic or ceramic braces can be different colors. They can be created to match the color of your teeth or made to be clear. This can make them less noticeable by people you speak with.

Lingual braces are another option you may want to consider. These braces can be made of metal or ceramics. The main difference in these types of braces is their placement on the teeth. Rather than placing the braces on the front of the teeth, lingual braces are placed on the underside of the teeth. This allows them to do their work while keeping them mainly concealed from others. This can be very effective if you are trying to conceal the fact you are wearing braces.

Another option an orthodontist in Oak Creek may recommend is dental aligners. Aligners are generally made of clear plastic. An orthodontist will first measure your teeth as they currently are positioned, then he or she will adjust the measurements so your teeth are slightly repositioned. You wear the aligners regularly and they will gradually start to shape your teeth into their new alignment. You will need several different aligners as the treatment progresses.

Using aligners can be a good option, as they are not easily seen when you are wearing them. In addition, you can remove the aligners for special events or circumstances. This can be a great benefit if you must give speeches or participate in other types of situations where having braces could be distracting.

If you are considering braces, you should visit an orthodontist clinic, schedule an appointment at Griffin Ortho. They will be able to help you in making the right decision.


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