Allow the Dentist in Haddon Heights to Whiten Your Teeth

Many people these days are searching for a teeth whitening dentist to help remove the stubborn stains on their teeth. As you grow older, your teeth naturally begin to yellow and become discolored. On top of discoloration, you can also experience stains caused by smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking red wine and cola and from medical conditions. Though all of these can stain your teeth and make your smile unattractive, there are treatments that can remove these stains. To have teeth whitening treatments carried out, you will need to see the Dentist in Haddon Heights.

What Happens When You Go Through Teeth Whitening Treatments?

No matter what type of whitening treatment you have carried out, they are done in much the same way. The first part of the treatment involves your teeth being completely clean. If they are not clean, the whitening solution will not be beneficial and stains will be left behind. Once your teeth have been cleaned and dried, the dentist will place a special rubber tray in your mouth. This tray pulls back your cheeks and lips, so the whitening solution does not come into contact with these sensitive areas.

Next, the Dentist in Haddon Heights will begin preparing your solution. There are two basic types of whitening solutions, though they are manufactured under different brands. If you want traditional whitening treatments, you can choose hydrogen peroxide and if you want bleaching treatments in Haddon, the dentist will use a solution base of carbamide peroxide. Minor stains and yellowing can be treated with traditional treatments. If you have severe stains or want your teeth bleached, carbamide treatments are the best and most effective. Click here

No matter which option you choose, the Dentist in Haddon Heights will perform the treatments the same. Once the solution has been placed on your teeth, it will be timed and then rinsed away. If further treatments are needed, they will need to be spaced apart.
To learn more about your options for teeth whitening, visit They have many dental treatment options, to ensure your family’s smiles stay healthy, strong and looking their very best. Contact them for your appointment.

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