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by | Jun 9, 2021 | Dental Services

Mostly every parent and child wishes to have healthy, sparkling white teeth. Taking care of these teeth from infancy can help prevent a variety of oral diseases, and by extension, bodily ones as well. A little known fact is that oral diseases can cause bodily infections as well. For example, if the mouth is infected, the lungs can become infected as well, since the infection travels down the throat and into the body. Not only are healthy mouths beautiful, they contribute to overall health as well.

There are two major categories of dentists: family and cosmetic. Family dentists provide general services like preventing disease, preventing infections, and cleaning the teeth. Cosmetic dentists do not add to the health of the teeth but the appearance. When preventing disease, family dentists take digital x-rays, examine patients, and clean teeth to ensure everything is in working order. If there are issues, patients may need a root canal, fillings, or crowns. In some cases, the tooth must be pulled if it becomes too infected or starts rotting. Click here for the best dentists in Evanston Il.

Typically, cosmetic procedures involve teeth whitening, veneers, or implants. Cosmetic dentists whiten teeth using ultraviolet light or bleaching. Veneers are special caps put on the teeth to improve the appearance and make the teeth look straight and even. Implants are often used when the patient has missing teeth and wishes to have a full set. Fixed bridges are relatively similar to implants in that they serve the same function; however, bridges resemble the patient’s natural teeth more closely.

When looking for the right dentist in Evanston Il, compile a list of nearby dentists who accept new patients and families. Using this list, call each office and ask for a free consultation or set up an appointment if consultations are not available. During this appointment with a dentist in Evanston Il, consider how comfortable the dentist makes the various patients feel. Fear of dentists is one of the highest for children and adults. It is essential that the child or adult is made comfortable and relaxed. Check out for more details at Stephens Dentistry.

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