Career Facts about Dentist in Totowa

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Dental Services

Most families in Totowa have a dentist in Totowa that they consult when they have gum and teeth problems. Dentists treat ailments of the tooth and gum, perform preventive procedures and counsel patients on oral hygiene. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, most dentists operate solo; approximately 75 percent. Only about 15 percent provide specialty dental services.


There are many career options for dentists. They can open general dentistry practices or pursue further studies to specialize in different fields of dentistry. Specialization requires licensing. Some specialist dentists include orthodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists and oral surgeons among others. Orthodontists straighten crooked teeth using braces and other dental appliances. Prosthodontists fit patients with bridges, crowns and dentures. As the name suggests, oral surgeons perform dental surgeries. Endodontists perform root canals.


Aspiring dentists are required to complete their pre-dental studies while pursuing an undergraduate degree in dentistry. Once they finish these studies, they are awarded a bachelor’s degree. Students accepted into dental schools spend an average of four years pursuing their degrees. The program combines classroom and clinical learning. Once they finish their studies in a dental school, they receive the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery. Specialty dentists invest more years into studying specialty dental procedures. Each state has its licensing requirements.

A dentist in Totowa requires a license to operate. The requirements vary for general dentists and dental specialty practitioners. Most states require aspiring dentists to pass a written exam known as the National Board Dental Examination as well as a practical exam administered by the specific state where the dentist seeks employment. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, professional dentists employed in general dentistry earn an average annual salary of $142, 870.


There are many types of dentists. A general dentist performs oral examinations to diagnose cavities and gum diseases. In addition, general dentists perform X-rays of their patients’ mouth and teeth to check for underlying diseases. Dentists can fill cavities, extract teeth, perform professional tooth whitening and apply molar sealants. Other duties of a dentist in Totowa include administering anesthesia and numbing medicine before and during painful procedures as well as writing prescriptions for patients.

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