Cosmetic Dentists in Annapolis Can Improve a Patient’s Smile

The job market is so competitive these days, that people have to make sure they make a good first and lasting impression. When a job applicant meets a prospective employer for the first time, their smile is an important asset. If it’s filled with yellow, broken or missing teeth, this can make a bad first impression. That’s especially true if the job entails working with the public or clients. Cosmetic Dentists Annapolis can help improve a person’s smile.

Teeth whitening procedures are the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatments. In just an hour, a cosmetic dentist can make teeth eight shades whiter. This makes teeth look healthier. Often people think that they look younger as well. This is something that older job applicants should consider. When people who are now in their fifties had childhood cavities filled, the dentist used silver fillings. Those can create a gray tinge in a tooth. Replacing older dental fillings with newer ones that match the tooth can also brighten a smile.

Sometimes teeth are so stained they resist whitening or bleaching methods. These tough stains can be caused by illness and medication, as well as food. A dentist can use veneers to cover the teeth. These are thin shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth. Not only can they cover stains, they can reshape teeth that have been chipped. If there are unsightly gaps between teeth, these can be evened out as well. Resin veneers are made in the dentist’s office and can be completed in one visit. However, some patients prefer porcelain veneers. Because these have to be made in a dental laboratory, it can take two visits to complete them.

Dental implants can replace missing teeth. They are so realistic, no one will guess that they aren’t the original tooth. The first step is to insert a titanium screw into the patient’s jaw bone. It can take several months for the jaw and gums to fully integrate the screw, which becomes the new root for the tooth. Once the healing is complete a procelain crown is attached to the implant.

A cosmetic dentist will help a patient select which procedure is most appropriate for them. Patients typically love the way their new smile improves their appearance. Visit the site for more information.


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