Details To Know About A Dental Implant In St Peter, MN

In Minnesota, dental implants are a more permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. The products aren’t hindering like dentures that can fall out of the mouth. The implants are installed permanently and won’t fall out randomly. A local dental professional offers a dental implant in St Peter MN for all missing teeth and restores the smile completely.

Assessing the Jawbone and the Gums

In preparation for installing a dental implant, the dental professional examines the patient’s jawbone. If the jawbone isn’t strong enough for a dental implant, the dentist performs bone grafts. The grafts build up any compromised areas of the jawbone and make it stronger.

Installing the Titanium Root

Next, the titanium root is installed through the tooth socket and into the jawbone. It provides enough strength to keep the implant crown in place. The installation helps the patient get a tooth that performs like a natural tooth. The root installation takes a few weeks to heal, and some dentists provide a partial to protect the root during the healing process.

Installing the Implant Crown

The implant crown is installed last, and it’s connected to the root directly. The type of implant determines if the implant crown is connected with a screw or via a plate. The procedure involves either an individual tooth or an entire section. An individual implant has one connector, and a plate requires up to four connectors depending on its size.

After-Care Instructions for Patients

The patient brushes and flosses the dental implant just like they would a natural tooth. The dentist might recommend a specific toothpaste for cleaning the product. The patient should report back to their dental professional if there are any signs of an infection or excessive bleeding after the procedure.

In Minnesota, dental implants are a better choice for replacing missing teeth without hindrances. The implants restore the smile and provide whiter teeth. The products perform just like natural teeth and won’t present issues with speech or chewing. Dental professionals evaluate the jawbone before scheduling the procedure. Patients who want to learn more about a dental implant in St Peter MN can schedule an appointment with a dental professional right now.


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