Dental Care Provided by an Emergency Dentist in Clifton

Toothache is a common problem in both children and adults around the world and most people tend to ignore minor pains. But in severe cases, pain in the teeth can become unbearable and that is when the sufferer feels the need to see a dentist immediately. If you are in need of dental care urgently, it is not hard to find a find an emergency dentist in Clifton who can quickly diagnose and provide treatment for your problem.

Whether minor or major, teeth problems must not be left untreated as the can lead to further complications. Therefore, waiting until the pain becomes unbearable is not an option; you must seek help from a qualified dentist immediately. Doing so does not only save you from pain, it also saves you a lot of money on major treatment in the future. Fortunately, many an emergency dentist in Clifton opens his clinic 24/7 for the needy.

Here are brief descriptions of common dental emergencies that require immediate attention from the dentist:

Swollen Gum
Swelling of the gum can be mildly irritating to highly painful, depending upon which stage the swelling is at. Most people seem to ignore it if the pain is minor and allow nature to take care of it. But that is not a good idea as it may lead to further infections. When you have a swollen gum, you should see a dentist immediately.

Toothache is something everyone experiences at least once in their life. It is normally caused by cavities and abscess in the teeth and swollen gums. Sometimes, toothache can be so severe that even adults have eyes full of tears. When that happens the only option is to pay the dentist a visit.

Crown falls off
The crown is the protective white covering of the teeth. Sometimes it can fall off because of injuries to the tooth or diseases. With the missing gum, the tooth loses is protection and turns into an open field for bacteria and all sorts of microbes that reside in the mouth. Therefore, a fallen gum must immediately be replaced by a new one.

Chipped, Fractured and Broken Teeth
When you get hit in the teeth by something hard, you may get chipped, fractured or broken teeth. But you may also get chipped or fractured teeth because of diseases. They may or may not hurt depending upon the severity of the problem, but it is never a good idea to leave them alone as they may lead to other problems.

Knocked Out Teeth
Getting a tooth knocked out can be a painful and embarrassing experience, but it is common for people to have their tooth knocked out in accidents and fights. If not replaced quickly, the empty space left behind by the lost tooth can adversely affect the health and alignment of the neighboring teeth.

In addition to the above, you should immediately see a dentist when you have a painful swollen jaw and mouth, lots of bleeding from the mouth and any accident involving your mouth or teeth. Many sufferers fail to realize this in time and as a result end up spending losing a lot of money on expensive treatment later.


Little Falls Family Dental serves people around Clifton with emergencies of all sorts. These include emergencies relating to broken teeth as well as other dental issues. Visit to learn more about these services for your needs.





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